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I really like this, It has alot of potential and is a unique concept for a game.

I like it, but it does have some tiny art issues with it. Otherwise, great!

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HellboundGoth responds:

thank you

I actually love it, has enough meat to it to make it into a full game. Please do it. (The Music Question killed me) "Nipplesack XD"

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HellboundGoth responds:

thanks :)

Dude, This is Awesome :)

MofinGames responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

There's a problem with the game, I clicked something and it said downloading update. I got scared the hell out of thinking it's a virus, not sure what it is, could be with my computer ( it Has no virusus at all)

DaviSantosdaSilva responds:

AssRGBGnome thanks for playing :)

Sorry for the download message, its because the game is made for mobile and i did forgot to remove the downloads message when i upload to newgrounds.

if you want may look the game for android :




I like it but, it really just is a demo. I don't want to sound like a dickhead though, what you accomplished here is amazing! Imagine if you kept on doing this for 3 years, you would be a bad ass. Really though, it's very unfunctional and at times just plain bad. But, I want you to remember this : IF YOU DO SOMETHING LONG ENOUGH , YOU WILL BECOME A BADASS AT IT. I started using scratch , construct 2 , then unity. I finally sticked with unity and learnt it's interface for about 8 months. week 1 = no idea what i was doing. at month 1 = familiar with basics. month 3 = Got it. Month 8 = Master at unity shorcuts, tricks and how to make games "professionally". What I'm really saying here I guess is : right now your "okay to good" but, in 3 years or 2 years time. You will be a total badass at what you do(if you continue). Yet again I'm not trying to be a dick, I want you to see though my eyes of that your actually awesome, talented , and growing ( for your age, Your'e way above where you would be if you were 20 years old ) . I hope you didn't take this in a wrong way. Have a very good day. (by the way I would just like to point out that i'm 14 years old and I can relate with you personally.) I look forward to future projects by you.

You should be proud for making this game , This is one of the best Newgrounds flash games of 2016. This is a excellent mix of what reminds me of my early childhood , Resident Evil , Limbo , and Silent hill. What I am saying is that I really like this , and it holds a place in my mind now. Where I can "look" and see. oh , a guy made that. Lets brake out some Unity and get developing. Can't wait for your next game , have a good day.

thelonelynug responds:

Thankyou for your kind words. To be even put up in comparison with those games gives me an amazing feeling that I haven't felt in a very long time. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for taking time to play my game. I appreciate you!

This is awesome! I like the art style and it well surpassed my expectation. Great work dude :)

GrimMutilator responds:

Thanks a lot! I'm very glad to hear that c:

This is surprisingly really good! I was expecting some clone , that was going to be bad. But what I got was a great experience that was enjoyable. Great work :)

All of your games are basically the same with different labels and types. If you are going to be doing the exact same thing over and over again , get off of newgrounds. You are probably a cheap , broke , scammer , who can barely afford to life.

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