Entry #2

Announcements and Update

2017-04-14 01:55:12 by AssRGBGnome

   Hello everyone, I have quite a alot to talk about since the last time I've posted on here. An entire month has passed by and what did I do with it? Quite alot actually! Let's get started by saying I have made 2 music tracks this month including : Anvil - Metal on Metal, and Blitzkrieg - Blitzkrieg. I found a drawing program that suits what I needed perfectly and drew alot of stuff including one that I actually uploaded of Star Butterfly from svtfoe. I started a Tumblr, which is basicly my website. And most importantly, a New Game. I can't talk about it right now but it's going to be a long stretch until I release it. This is not like my other games...at all.

This game is...

-------------------------------------------------------- Transmission Cut off --------------------------------------------------------------


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