Entry #1

New Game, Update!

2017-03-13 23:37:51 by AssRGBGnome

   Hey, Been A while! A 6 month gap between the last game (sorry!) and nothing has come out at all...How sad. The Events that caused this were depressing January, and lack of projects to work on. I did a month long tutorial marothon in october - november 2016. And I made several Small Test Projects to learn stuff needed for the next games. I also got a guitar and I've goten pretty good at it! (Dave Mustaine - Peace Sells) I have started off the year strong by doing something every single day since Jan.25, and learned so much that I could die any day now...Still waiting. And I started what would be the second game as a simple test project. It was so fun and motivating that I made an entire game out of it. Well, It's less than 1 month later and the game is now out on newgrounds! It's very me and It's definetly not the second game I wanted to make, but it would really mean alot if you played it and gave it a whirl. Hopefully you get a laugh or two out of it and have fun.- http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/690225


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